Project Description

Founder Coaching

  • Leadership vision
  • Presentation and pitching skills
  • Evaluating critical business decisions
  • Prioritizing key business and personal objectives
  • Starting a new business
  • Introducing a new product
  • Building a professional brand to raise industry profile
  • Evaluate marketing and social media strategies
“Lenore was great to work with. She has an authentic, directed approach. I needed structured conversations to get decisions done and I feel great after our strategy session. No time was wasted.”
Jennifer Johnson, CEO / Founder, StockTouch
“Lenore helped to refine my pitch to make it more palatable to investors.”
Hakim Karim, Co-Founder, Grid Markets
Lenore’s help was critical at an important time. I had been hesitating in starting a new jewelry business when I decided to consult with her. Lenore developed a detailed, successful plan for my launch in a very short period of time. She truly jump-started the process for me, and gave me the necessary knowledge and confidence to proceed and establish my own jewelry brand. Thank you Lenore!
Laura Kass, Founder, Laura Kass Jewelry Design
“My time spent with Lenore was extremely productive and focused, and I walked away empowered to take the most important next steps to grow my business. She has a talent for creating a process that works with an individual’s needs. After going over my ideas and vision for my business, she helped me recognize where I can better highlight my strengths when marketing my business, as well as offering practical solutions for building a referral network. The time I spent with her was invaluable and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”
Jean Bromage, Founder, Reiki Essence Healing Arts.