Launch Warrior are launch experts. We help founders and business owners, companies, leadership teams and senior professionals to clarify their vision, develop a distinctive message or story and launch the right way, to achieve their goals. Our approach is very simple.


It starts with getting very clear on your objectives (your VISION). We begin with the ends in mind – we want to understand your goals in the short and long term, so that our approach is grounded in clearly defined metrics from the outset that will be used to measure success (your RESULTS).  From this foundation, we can help to clarify your value proposition and define your business positioning and messaging (your STORY).  Then we develop an appropriate execution plan that aligns with your strengths, resources and ambitions (your LAUNCH).

We maximize success by starting with the ends in mind and creating a thoughtful plan.

Our experience has shown that having the right focus and messaging from the beginning makes everything else easier.  The actual execution tactics may change over time as market conditions may change and we gain experience, so we like to stay flexible, nimble and responsive to adapt accordingly.  The need to review, assess and adapt is part of the process, but we use your vision as a framework to clearly guide our focus.  Our approach is not just practical, it has been proven over more than 100 launches.

We focus on launches across:

  • NEW INITIATIVES: Introducing new products, services or businesses; entering new markets; targeting new client segments; creating new programs and offerings
  • CORPORATE CHANGES: Managing organizational transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings, leadership transitions or restructurings
  • BUSINESS GROWTH: Taking your business to the next level in terms of sales, brand awareness, client retention and organizational alignment

Launches are critical milestones that should be fully leveraged to create momentum. To learn more about how Launch Warrior helps companies and business owners to achieve and exceed their goals, check out some of our recent Client Work or contact us to schedule your complimentary launch strategy session.

What Makes Us Unique?

lenore 2Launch Warrior is led by Lenore Kantor, President and Chief Launch Officer, who has designed, developed and launched more than 100 products, services and solutions across a wide range of businesses over 20+ years. She has gained industry recognition for companies she worked at and creative marketing and communications (winning 38 total awards over a 7 year period) and managing marketing and communications for 10+ merger and acquisition transactions, in addition to helping FXall go public on the NYSE and subsequently be acquired for over $600 million.

Launch Warrior is grounded in a philosophy of collaboration, creative solutions, integrity, an intuitive approach and results (check out our What Drives Us). With a history of successful launches supporting high growth companies, Lenore is fiercely passionate about winning and delivering results. She will quickly come up to speed on your business to partner with you in achieving your objectives. Learn more about Launch Warrior’s Leadership and contact us to arrange a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your goals and explore how we can work together.