Our equation for success guides our work with clients:


Launch Warrior conducts an initial assessment of your needs to fully understand your goals and objectives. Once we are clear on your VISION, we can help you refine your messaging to differentiate you from the competition.  Leveraging your STORY, we build out your business positioning, developing your LAUNCH execution plan and go-to-market strategy.   We will help you to stay highly focused on the end game so that you realize the RESULTS you desire.

Our process ensures that your outcomes are achievable and successful.  Our holistic approach is highly practical – we partner with you to ensure alignment in your organization, mindset and culture.  We believe that learning, experimentation and adaptation are key to innovation and growth and help to create clarity and ongoing transformation which are critical to sustainability and momentum.  Lenore Kantor, Chief Launch Officer, will guide you through the process (learn more about her background here).  Our solutions are adapted to your needs – to help you be successful wherever you are in your growth process.

What Drives Us?

Launches are critical milestones that should be fully leveraged to create momentum. We partner with our clients to help define clear success objectives for their launch.  If you are looking to grow, we can help you structure your launch process the right way so you are prepared to deliver.
These key values guide us:

  • INTUITIVE APPROACH – Our success is built on understanding key issues quickly and working effectively to develop and deliver the best solutions to meet our client’s priorities. We leverage decades of experience to make it easy for you to achieve the best vision of what you want to create by having an immediate impact.
  • CREATIVITY – We have a distinct point of view and hope that you do too. We enjoy thinking outside the box and bringing a fresh perspective – our sweet spot is unique insights and customer-focused solutions.
  • COLLABORATION – We not only believe in partnership, we live it daily through our work with clients, colleagues and strategic partners. We look to create longstanding relationships based on trust and a shared sense of purpose in everything we do and enjoy working with people who want to create real value for themselves and others.
  • FIERCE COMPASSION – We do everything for our clients with the same level of attention, interest, focus and positive energy that we want for ourselves. We are passionate about accountability and what we do and only want to do great work, just like you.
  • RESULTS – We seek to clearly understand desired goals so we can align our actions and properly assess performance. A clear direction ensures success, recognizing that progress requires ongoing investment, commitment and continuous improvement, if not dramatic and disruptive change. We want to go for it and assume you do too.

Business and Focus Areas

We regularly work with both emerging and established companies across a wide range of industries, sectors and customer bases.  We have deep subject matter expertise in the B2B fintech, where we are recognized for our knowledge and insight.   We also support individuals, including founders, executives, business professionals in transition and emerging leaders.  We recognize that every customer is unique.

We have experience with multiple market segments including:

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Our institutional experience spans 20+ years in the global capital markets across equities, depositary receipts and mutual funds; derivatives including foreign exchange, options, ETFs and commodities; brokerage services including transition management and commission recapture; insurance and securities processing including custody, deposit services and corporate trust; wealth management, including robo-advisors and investment research.   Our background includes extensive marketing experience with fintech startups, banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, asset managers, corporations, pension funds, endowments and foundations.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  We have worked with clients across business and financial analytics, SaaS and enterprise solutions, trading, networks, connectivity, blockchain, bitcoin, execution management systems and algorithmic platforms.  We have experience developing Customer Relationship Management(CRM) systems, client databases, workflow automation and reporting tools.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND CREATIVE SERVICES: B2B and B2B2C businesses across various client segments including corporations, health and wellness, asset/wealth management, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, broker-dealers, financial advisors, consultants, software vendors, branding agencies and digital intranet platforms.
  • INTERNATIONAL: We advise companies that are looking to enter the U.S. market on business positioning and branding, sales go-to-market strategies and preparing investor pitches to raise capital.
  • CONSUMER: Selective work with founders has included branding and product launch experience in jewelry, toys, home goods, health and wellness.

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