Preparing Your Company for An Exit Strategy

As your company grows, it may be time to plan a possible exit strategy, such as a merger, acquisition or IPO. This article looks at financial and other considerations that companies should understand to prepare their organizations. These comments were from our recent LaunchTalks founder roundtable. Check out this post to learn more about what founders should think about before considering an exit.

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Why Exit From Your Business?

As companies reach a certain point in their growth, an exit strategy can be an important milestone or the next natural stage in the business evolution. It’s important to consider investments that can help to scale the business and expand distribution to get to the next level or bring in new management, for example through a merger, acquisition or capital raising. Here’s a summary of when an exit makes sense and what founders should be thinking about from our recent LaunchTalks founder roundtable.

Managing the Risk and Timing of an Exit

Your company has reached the stage in its growth when you are considering possible exit strategies for your business evolution. This article looks at the timing, risks and financial considerations that companies should understand to prepare their organizations for a merger, acquisition or capital raising. These comments were from our recent LaunchTalks founder roundtable.

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Communicate Effectively – Drive Your Launch

Communication is an often overlooked part of any launch event or corporate change. Once the product is built, it still needs to be promoted and sold to generate interest, incentivize trial, drive user adoption and gain traction. In addition to focusing on bringing your product live or completing your transaction - make sure that your message gets out. Get key stakeholders involved in every stage of your new initiative and launch event so they understand their role and its impact. Here are some considerations for maximizing your impact.

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Launch Leader Profile – A Great Product and Clear Mission Win Clients

All too often, fintech companies focus on product without understanding customers. What if customers were at the heart of every aspect of your product design? We interviewed Vicki Zhou, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of WiseBanyan, which has built a successful mission-driven company completely product-focused, but not at the expense of its clients. Here are some insights on their unique approach to growth.

Prepare for the New Year – Know your Milestones

As we enter 2017, are you preparing for any major company milestones? With the primary focus on sales and revenue targets, client service goals and marketing programs, celebrating major events can often be an overlooked part of planning. Identifying and preparing for key events that are important to your business success can be a useful approach to help you and your business prepare for the year ahead. Here are some guidelines.

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Launch Leader Profile – Letting Referrals Drive Growth

Leveraging a strong brand and client endorsements is a highly effective way to drive organic growth. Increasingly fintech companies are applying this strategy and also seeing the value of doing well by doing good. Vicki Zhou, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of WiseBanyan, has great insights from her experience building WiseBanyan into a great product that is extremely focused on its mission and on customers. Outlined below is WiseBanyan's referral strategy.

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What’s Your Launch Plan?

Any new initiative requires a launch plan. Preparing properly for a launch in advance can pay dividends in ensuring its success. Here are some guidelines for the pre-launch process.

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The Startup Attitude – Embracing A Beginner’s Mind Set

What does learning a new skill have to do with a starting a business... and how does this all relate to dancing? Well, here's a story about how my experiences learning tango have helped me grow my business. My recent trip to Berlin, the tango capital of Europe, reminded me how relevant tango remains as an analogy for building a business.

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Launch Leader Profiles – Let The Music Move You

Here are some insights shared from Launch Leaders - startup founders doing interesting things inspired by music. They demonstrate the importance of leadership and innovation - critical elements of successful launches. Being able to develop new approaches, whether by introducing new ideas or offering creative solutions that disrupt existing business models, and then being able to execute are keys to growth. When you consider industries facing change, it’s hard to imagine a business that has undergone more transformation than music. Here is some perspective from founders that are demonstrating innovation and leadership in the music space - who have turned their interests and passions into growing businesses.