Founder’s Perspective – Preparing for An Exit

As a founder or leadership team, you are setting the vision and agenda for your your company's growth. When you decide to consider possible exit strategies, such as a merger, acquisition or IPO, here are areas that you should be considering for your company and preparing yourself. These comments were from our recent LaunchTalks founder roundtable.

Why Exit From Your Business?

As companies reach a certain point in their growth, an exit strategy can be an important milestone or the next natural stage in the business evolution. It’s important to consider investments that can help to scale the business and expand distribution to get to the next level or bring in new management, for example through a merger, acquisition or capital raising. Here’s a summary of when an exit makes sense and what founders should be thinking about from our recent LaunchTalks founder roundtable.

The Startup Attitude – Embracing A Beginner’s Mind Set

What does learning a new skill have to do with a starting a business... and how does this all relate to dancing? Well, here's a story about how my experiences learning tango have helped me grow my business. My recent trip to Berlin, the tango capital of Europe, reminded me how relevant tango remains as an analogy for building a business.

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Pitch Guidelines for Capital Raising

Most tech startups need to raise money, but many founders are often least prepared for this task. While getting customers can be challenging, asking investors for money requires a further level of skill and presentation mastery that few naturally possess. Here are some investor pitching tips culled from my observations at the AlmaWorks Accelerator Demo Day, where I was a mentor to startup founders.

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Becoming a leader – Continuous learning required

Leadership is one of those broad and important topics that can be hard to address. Are we born with "it" or can we learn how to lead? While I'm a huge proponent of playing to one's strengths, I do believe that leadership is a skill that can and should be developed over time. Unfortunately becoming a successful leader is not a simple process - it requires a great deal of personal courage, willingness to embrace risk and the desire to change. I would like to share some recent learnings from a dynamic leadership development program that I am participating in.

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Preparing for An Appy New Year

Let it be said, I love a good app! With the new year approaching, I've decided to get a jump on my resolutions so I actually gain some traction and really make them happen. No surprise, health and wellness are at the top of my list, right next to making my business a success. In the spirit of growth and learning, I thought I would share what I've been using and would appreciate any other suggestions that are also helpful.

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Nailing Your Pitch – To Investors and Customers

Pitching is a bit of an art and a science. There are certain key elements that contribute to making a pitch successful. This article brings together teachings from my recent Branding and Messaging Master Class for BBVA’s Open Talent competition, input from our recent LaunchTalks storytelling panel experts and advice shared from VCs and Angel Investors at the recent Empire Summit event for statups.

Year one and counting – What I’ve learned

Since I'm always one for marking milestones and celebrations, I thought it would be appropriate to share what I have learned after one year in business. Here is my personal assessment of what worked (do more), what didn't (stop altogether) and what can I change (develop further). Hope this is helpful for you and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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Leadership qualities – What does it take?

I recently attended a Columbia Business School event to hear Professor Adam Galinsky, an expert on power and influence who is considered among the world's best b-school professors, discuss leadership. He had some fascinating insights which echo themes I know are critical for successfully driving an organization towards growth. Here's a summary of Professor Galinsky's comments.

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Using a merger or acquisition as a launching point

With the recent onslaught and resurgence of merger and acquisition activity, thinking about communication and strategic messaging seems apropos. What's most surprising is that while many of these transactions seem mutually compatible, a number have been unsolicited and are becoming quite hostile (for instance the current battle for Family Dollar). Having been through more than ten merger/acquisition transactions, on both sides of the coin, here are some observations on preparing an organization to capitalize on this significant company milestone.

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