Launch Lapse – When You’re Not Winning Customers

We know why launches misfire and how you can avoid potential traps and troubleshoot challenges you may be facing.  This second article in our LAUNCH LAPSE series helps you figure out how to respond when customers aren't buying what you're selling.

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Website Update? Things To Think About

So it's time to update your website and refresh your brand. How do you make your website redesign process smooth and successful? Here are some lessons learned from our extensive experience updating websites over the past 20 years that we would like to share. Keep these in mind as you approach your website refresh.

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My learnings from SXSW

I've been attending SXSW, the interactive extravaganza in Austin, TX for the past few years and it never fails to engage and overwhelm. Here are some of my impressions and observations about what worked this year.

Do words matter anymore?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, do words matter anymore? In our era of instant gratification, Instagram and reality TV, we spend a lot of time focusing on looks. While visuals are incredibly important, can an image by itself tell the whole story when it comes to marketing and conveying your business value proposition? When you have micro-seconds to make a first impression, make sure you are having the right impact. This post looks at when and how to best leverage graphics, imagery and video, however, image alone is not enough without the right messages and story.

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Fostering creativity and innovation – learnings from @SXSW

At the forefront of innovation and creativity, SXSW is the largest gathering for digital, independent film and music in Austin, TX. There were many insights shared by creative leaders, including Maria Giudice, Director of Product Design at Facebook, Patricia Korth-McDonnell, Partner and Managing Director at Huge agency, John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design and Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Chase Jarvis, Founder of creativeLIVE, Adam Savage of MythBusters and Austin Kleon, best-selling author of 3 books on creativity.

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Observations from World Usability Day – Collaboration in healthcare for better systems

I attended the recent World Usability Day 2013 event - Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems, organized by the NYC UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association). It was a great event about how thoughtful design can transform various aspects of healthcare by thinking about the end customer and their experience. There were interesting presentations on a wide range of topics from the Mayo Clinic to the Nike Fuelband, testing in medical devices from AnswerLab and clinical research at Y-Prime to designing wellness for the street from FG Design Studio for El Puente, a non-profit in Williamsburg. Here are some of the highlights...

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Travel Discoveries – Convenience from suitcases to scooters

Enough with the writing, a picture is worth a thousand words. Wanted to share some great memories that captured my recent trip to San Francisco. It was a truly enjoyable adventure and I was very fortunate to experience great weather and some lovely discoveries. Herewith are three photos that make me smile...

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California Dreaming – Thinking Different

Just got back from a trip to Cali and as a hard-core New Yorker, I can't say exactly what it is about San Francisco, but the air there is different. The many ways that the city experience and its energy unfolds sit in stark contrast to NYC. I think there is much to be learned from both traveling and experiencing an altogether distinct culture. I encountered a number of fascinating people and new businesses, so here are my thoughts about what we can learn....

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