LaunchTalks: Show Me The Money – Funding Now Event Recap

Highlights from the recent LaunchTalks: Show Me The Money - New Funding Sources event which debated some of the hottest topics driving changes in the fintech space. The panel included experts from the private markets, equity crowdfunding platforms and a bitcoin exchange talking about how new regulations and technologies are transforming the financial markets.

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What are you launching? Why the right launch plan makes a difference

When you introduce a new product, bring a new solution to market or roll out a new program, how do you launch it? Launching is a bit of an art and a science, requiring creativity, thoughtful planning and ruthless execution. Being strategic and taking the right actions when introducing any new venture can make a significant impact on its future success. Here are some tips on how to take your new products to market correctly and be proactive, like a warrior.

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Tech startups – what’s trending now

Having recently attended a number of startup and tech events, including the InnoTribe Startup Challenge in advance of SIBOS, the NY FinTech Startup Conference, the Small Business Expo and the Northside Festival, a mini-SXSW in Williamsburg, I've observed several common themes that new startups are capitalizing on. These key trends have the potential to disrupt existing services as we know it for the usual reasons - they are better, cheaper, faster. While there are many interesting opportunities to create change, significant challenges do remain for new entrants in any market.

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Profit & Loss Forex Network Recap – FX Market Update

Here's a recap from yesterday's well-attended Profit & Loss Forex Network conference. Great discussion and insights as the FX markets are entering a significant period of change. Transformation is being driven on multiple fronts due to increasing regulation and fallout from various industry scandals which has created opportunities for new market participants with unique business models, while the low interest rate environment has caused less volatility and lower trading volumes. Here are some key themes - check my Twitter or Facebook posts for specific quotes from the event.

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LaunchTalks: Growth Companies – What Does It Take To Launch A Brand? Event Recap

Our inaugural LaunchTalks event kicked off last night on the topic of Growth Companies: What Does It Take to Launch A Brand? (#launchtalks) Our dynamic panel represented diverse points of view on the elements needed to build and grow a business or launch a new product. Talking to a packed house, we debated the various contributing factors that make a business successful with some surprising responses. Here are some highlights from the event.

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New business trends @SXSW

I just got back from Austin, TX - home of "weird" and the some of the best new restaurants anywhere - oh and of course, SXSW, the largest interactive conference annually. 30 thousand people came together for a week of conversation, music, independent film and overall excitement. What makes SXSW so interesting is how it is an early predictor of what is new and innovative in technology and culture. Last year's focus on the environment and mobile were particularly topical, but things have evolved considerably in just a year. Here are some of the more interesting topics that were discussed....

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What’s your story? Why you need a compelling narrative

I recently attended Columbia Business School's Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference, Driving Entrepreneurial Thinking In the World of Investing, and heard some interesting perspectives on what PE and VC firms look for in prospective investments. I particularly enjoyed comments made during the Tech Venture and Deal Flow session which had partners from Scale Venture Partners, Insight Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Greycroft and RRE Ventures. Why? Because their main theme was "if you're bad with storytelling, you're on the outs with this market." Here's a recap of what high growth companies need to be thinking about when they are looking for their next round of funding....

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Marketing Tips – How to make the most of a trade show

There is nothing like attending a trade show to highlight marketing dos and don'ts in real life. Here are my suggestions and key marketing take-ways on how to rock your next conference or trade show from the recent International Traders Expo. This event organized by the MoneyShow brings together thousands of traders with a focus on learning trading strategies and sharing ideas.

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Observations from Traders Expo

Here are some observations from The International Traders Expo I recently attended. This event organized by the MoneyShow brings together thousands of traders with a focus on learning trading strategies and sharing ideas. There were trends I observed in trading and technology....

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Observations from World Usability Day – Collaboration in healthcare for better systems

I attended the recent World Usability Day 2013 event - Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems, organized by the NYC UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association). It was a great event about how thoughtful design can transform various aspects of healthcare by thinking about the end customer and their experience. There were interesting presentations on a wide range of topics from the Mayo Clinic to the Nike Fuelband, testing in medical devices from AnswerLab and clinical research at Y-Prime to designing wellness for the street from FG Design Studio for El Puente, a non-profit in Williamsburg. Here are some of the highlights...

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