Online Marketing – Insights from Innovators

I recently attended an engaging Online Marketing Summit (Twitter #OMS13), organized by FirstMark Capital for its high-growth portfolio companies in the B2C online space, including established players like LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, and Spotify and newer start-ups, like Kinvey and Sailthru to share insights around best practice. I was impressed with FirstMark's approach to creating community and sharing information as they clearly see a future in collaboration and co-creation. Top take-aways are....

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What’s New in Digital Marketing for Financial Services?

I attended the recent Digital Marketing and Media Leadership Council presentation and gained some relevant insights about the latest and greatest in digital marketing. Results from a 3-year study of financial services executives' views of digital were released highlighting that digital continues to grow in importance. No big surprises there, though many insights were shared from the speakers about what's new. Highlights included metrics, mobile, content, graphs, speed and convenience, among other relevant trends.....

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California Dreaming – Thinking Different

Just got back from a trip to Cali and as a hard-core New Yorker, I can't say exactly what it is about San Francisco, but the air there is different. The many ways that the city experience and its energy unfolds sit in stark contrast to NYC. I think there is much to be learned from both traveling and experiencing an altogether distinct culture. I encountered a number of fascinating people and new businesses, so here are my thoughts about what we can learn....

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Innovation Insights From Vivendi

Innovation is a market trend that supersedes industries as many of the lessons learned in one sector effectively translate. Thibaud Morin, SVP, Business Innovation at Vivendi shared fascinating lessons learned in the media and telecoms space at the recent Celent “What’s Next: The Search For Disruptive Innovation” conference (#celentnext) for financial services. Vivendi has essentially reinvented itself multiple times since its inception as a water company and has been transformed through investment, diversification and consolidation to now focus primarily on telecom and media. Here are some lessons learned from his insights....

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Impressions from NYSE Euronext Marketing Summit

Attended NYSE Euronext's Executive Marketing Summit in conjunction with the roll-out of Interbrand's annual Best Global Brands 2013 ranking. Worthwhile event with good discussion and interesting presentations by a wide range of marketers. Among my favorites was Mario Batali sharing some of his secrets to creating a global brand empire based on effective use of media and consistent vision. Other highlights included...

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