Emerging growth companies looking to take their organization to the next level need support around managing change. Objective outside guidance can help your organization prepare for any corporate actions, so that your leadership team is confident when communicating with key stakeholders, from staff and investors, to prospects, clients and the media. Launch Warrior has experience managing marketing and communications for over 10 merger and acquisition transactions and has acted as company spokesperson for 2 listed corporations.

Changes are disruptive and can be challenging for organizations to manage effectively without impacting client relationships and staff motivation.  We can prepare your organization to manage these changes professionally and in alignment with your brand and company strategy. From communicating the benefits of a given deal to minimizing information leakage and negative brand impact, we help your team think through the implications of any organizational changes for your investors, staff, customers and strategic partners so that you can proactively manage these relationships.

Launch Warrior has expertise with these key organizational changes that are critical to growth:

  • MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS COMMUNICATIONS: Prepare your management team to respond to media and investor inquiries. Develop a stakeholder communications plan to manage all aspects of engagement with your key audiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your brand.  We have managed marketing and communications for more than 10 M&A transactions, on both sides of the deal, and understand what is needed to protect your company reputation and capitalize on this important corporate growth event.
  • CAPITAL RAISING / INVESTOR PITCHES: Develop an effective investor pitch by developing powerful positioning that distinguishes your business and differentiates you from competitors.  Prepare your management team to present persuasively in different formats (one-on-one meetings, investor and media interviews, group presentations and demo days).  Anticipate challenging investor questions and develop appropriate responses. Build and convey confidence and executive presence through personal coaching and feedback.  We prepare executives for roadshows, funding rounds and shareholder meetings.
  • LEADERSHIP CHANGES: Capitalize on any management restructurings by setting the right tone and conveying the new company vision. Leverage this opportunity to move your organization in a new direction by aligning the team with the right strategy and minimizing any staff or client turnover.  We address all aspects of communication across all your stakeholders and can coach executives on ways to enhance their management impact and success.

Launch Preparation Suggestions:

Keep these factors in mind to manage your upcoming corporate changes more smoothly.  Contact us to arrange a complimentary Launch Strategy Session and learn more about how we can support your organization.

  • PLAN AHEAD: Begin preparing for any corporate change at least 1 to 3 months in advance
  • DETERMINE KEY INDIVIDUALS: Identify who needs to be involved
  • DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVES: Have clear goals and desired outcomes
  • PRIORITIZE COMMUNICATIONS: Don’t underestimate how important it is to get stakeholder buy-in to successfully realize your vision

Learn more about our client work in this area or contact us to discuss how we can support your organization.

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