Innovation and growth require the right organizational culture and mindset to thrive and companies must be adaptable in order to embrace change.  We can help your team navigate these processes and come out ahead through thoughtful leadership programs.  We can develop workshops for your company and team to address specific business dynamics or help individuals to build on their strengths and enhance their leadership mindset.  Our Launch Leadership Levels help address the key elements for organizational innovation, growth and change.  We help to align your vision and values with your brand, messaging, strategy and culture so that your entire organization can be more effective.

Our process:

  • Clarify vision, goals and timelines
  • Build collaboration and communication
  • Design training programs or lead coaching

“This was a totally unique experience. The role-play sessions were amazing and allowed me to communicate on various levels of behavior and attitude.”

“A great experience that allows you to explore yourself as a leader.”  Comments from workshop participants, including founders, business owners and teams.

Launch Warrior can deliver the following services:

  • ASSESSMENT: determine goals and priorities
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: create an innovation strategy
  • POWER STRATEGY SESSION: lead on and offsite activities, live or virtually
  • TEAM COLLABORATION: align stakeholder outcomes
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: develop action plans and timelines

“Having attended the workshop, I learned that it’s a challenge to understand each other,  however with training such as this, the workspace can be improved. The exercises were refreshing and provided a unique perspective. Lenore helped me define my business offering and how to speak about it with others.”   Business founder and workshop participant

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