We uniquely approach client work by focusing on the goals of individual leaders and the company.
Since we are typically focused on launches, we care deeply about innovation, change and transformation. We also recognize that individuals have objectives and distinct personal and professional brands (particularly founders and business owners). These may be separate and distinct from the goals for a company which will have its own business and product brands.  It is helpful to be clear on desired objectives to select the appropriate course of action. When working with teams and organizations, our focus is to build upon and develop inherent strengths and understand any potential challenges to minimize their impact. We have helped countless companies and executives develop unique strategies that leverage their assets and maximize existing resources. We can be a powerful partner to guide you or your organization towards extraordinary results as we help you identify and clarify your goals and vision, and develop the best action steps to achieve your desired results.

“Our strategy sessions with Launch Warrior were worth millions in helping us with our value proposition.  The sessions were informative, to the point, and helped us to re-focus on key elements in our brand.”  Laurent Delly / Price-Mars Delly, Co-Founders, IdeaCoil

Here are some of the areas that strategy sessions can address:

  • FOUNDERS / BUSINESS OWNERS:  Clarify your strategy and goals to prioritize your work and execution plans.  Develop your company vision, brand values and culture.  Build your team and leadership skills.  Become a more effective communicator.  Nail your sales and investor pitches.  Learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say. Develop your executive presence and impact to build trust and inspire confidence in those around you.
  • MANAGEMENT / LEADERSHIP TEAMS: We can facilitate group processes and organizational decision-making. Gather and build group consensus and alignment within your teams through neutral mediation to work together effectively and reach goals.  Identify and create the best structures, processes and team for your organization to operate efficiently towards common goals.  Innovation is an inside job and we help you to operate creatively by evaluating how to create change within your organization – whether you are looking to completely disrupt the status quo or introduce incremental enhancements on an ongoing basis.
  • SENIOR PROFESSIONALS: Create a clear vision for your future career based on your true desires and abilities.  Get a sounding board to clarify what you want and understand the underlying drivers that may be keeping you from realizing your vision.  For those launching a new business or considering a career transition, we can help you clearly define your vision, identify any limiting beliefs and develop an action plan to move forward.  We provide the structure, accountability and support to facilitate change and help you move forward towards specific goals. Gain insight on what may be holding you back and identify new approaches to become more effective and achieve tangible results.
  • CUSTOM PROGRAMS: We can develop customized programs around company vision, values, culture and branding.  We also help teams with pitching and communications effectiveness, executive presence and leadership skills.   Learn more about our program offerings.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary strategy session. Review our recent Client Work to learn more about a high performance coaching success story.