Innovate. Change. Grow.

Launch Warrior has a unique approach that accelerates lasting change and establishes market leadership by aligning your vision and values with your brand, messaging, strategy and organizational culture. As launch experts, we support emerging and established companies in creating their vision, telling their story and launching effectively to achieve their goals.  We specialize in working with B2B technology, media, financial and professional services companies to manage the challenges they face around business growth, corporate change, new initiatives and leadership development.

Launches that are handled well can drive brand awareness, build momentum and increase visibility – meaning the difference between growing your business and adapting to rapidly changing innovation and economic conditions or being passed by the market and overcome by more nimble competitors.  Launches are critical milestones that should be fully leveraged to create momentum.

We Focus On Delivering Results

Our approach is simple and creates alignment within your organization to help you accomplish your business objectives:


Our process starts with getting clarity around your objectives (your VISION). We begin with the ends in mind – we want to understand your short and long term goals so  our approach is grounded in clearly defined metrics from the outset that will be used to measure success (your RESULTS).  From this foundation, we help to clarify your value proposition and define your business positioning and messaging (your STORY).  Then we develop an appropriate execution plan that aligns with your strengths, resources and ambitions (your LAUNCH).

Many companies have deep internal management and subject matter expertise around technology, operations and finance, but less perspective on strategic marketing and client experience that is reflected in business positioning.  This is where Launch Warrior comes in – we help you focus on what you do best.  In partnership, we help build out the best business strategy to support your growth, so you can focus on your bottom line and execution, without adding additional in-house resources and head count.  We help you get results faster.

What’s Your Business Challenge?

“We got a lot of value from our strategy session with Lenore. She was very helpful in enabling the team to get clarity on our value proposition for each of our client segments and develop targeted messaging that effectively conveys our unique offering. Lenore made the most of our time so we were able to accomplish a lot and align the team and our partners around our most important priorities.”  Alex Dunegan, CEO, Lumint Corporation