I am thrilled to announce that I am starting Launch Warrior, a consulting firm that brings together all the areas that I am most interested in and enthusiastic about – growth, innovation and starting new ventures. There’s just something about creating new endeavors, whether that’s products, services, business processes or lifestyle reinvention, which I find completely energizing. Building the “new” requires a different type of thinking – pushing the boundaries, asking challenging questions like “what if?” and trying to do things in unique and different ways that hopefully produces better results for yourself, your organization or your customers.

Creating something new requires creativity (unique and innovative thinking), creation (the act of building and delivering into the world) and growth (development and nurturing). For me, there is nothing more engaging than being at the forefront of this creative process – it is what truly drives me. Launch Warrior brings together my expertise over the past 20 years of launching over 100 new products, services and solutions and helping businesses grow through strategic marketing, organizational design and performance coaching.

We live in a time of incredible change – there has been constant evolution, if not full revolution occurring around the world, and this is largely due to technology, new innovations and the desire for growth. We all need to be thinking about how to create solutions that address all the challenges we face and help us to stay ahead. Sitting on the sidelines really doesn’t cut it any longer if you want to be in the game – it’s not practical and won’t help you to get ahead. If you aren’t moving forward, then you’re standing still and life will pass you by.

While keeping up with a rapid pace of change can be challenging, it can also be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Those who are flexible and able to adapt can find and create new opportunities. We are in a period of ongoing transformation.

If you’re not thinking about what changes are happening and their implications, then you should be. This is where Launch Warrior can help. I love thinking about this stuff! Let me partner with you, whether for your business or personal challenges, we can work together to help you move forward with a clear sense of purpose. My goal and vision is to empower growth and transformation – it’s what I love to do. Let me help you clarify your priorities and set a course for growth – you probably already know what to do yourself, but sometimes it makes a huge difference to have the right team, partners and skills to help you get to the next level.

lenore 2On a personal level, as I start my own business, this is the most energized and terrified that I’ve ever been. I’m going to share some words of advice from my coaches that have been particularly inspiring for me: “Dive Afraid.”

Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace change. It may not always be pretty or fun, but it is inevitable and why not learn to be more comfortable adapting to the new and different? Besides, being resilient is one of the keys to happiness. So I welcome you to join me in my pursuit of creating the new. Please let me know what you’re launching and how I can help!